Monitoring infrastructure

Our solution for asset managers: understanding
ground deformation impact on infrastructure.
No hardware  |  Accurate  |  Predictive

Increase Safety & Minimise Risk

Focus your attention where it matters the most:
using an easy solution that integrates geological and satellite data.

Survey Intelligence provides users with the tools to help understand and forecast the movement of the ground that causes stress on infrastructure. Stress that can lead to damages and ultimately to accidents. We help our clients to detect where this might happen and allow them time to take action before accidents occur. We provide our clients with an early warning system that allows the monitoring of large areas with high accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Why monitor ground deformation?

  • Ground deformation can happen anytime and anywhere and has major consequences on the environment
  • The problems caused by ground deformation are increasing due to climate change on the one hand and the growth of the world’s population and socio-economic activities on the other hand
  • Ground deformation causes stress on infrastructure. This stress can lead to damages and ultimately to accident

Why use the Survey Intelligence integrated solution?

  • We inform our customers HOW and WHY the ground is moving in order to predict WHEN and WHERE it will move again
  • Asset managers who can visualise the effects of ground deformation on their assets can optimise their inspection visits and keep their budgets under control
  • Knowing where deformation might happen in advance minimizes risk, improves safety and helps gain public confidence

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