How Why Where When

We inform our customers on HOW and WHY the ground is moving in order to predict WHEN and WHERE it will move again. By detecting and understanding the stress that is caused by ground movement, our customers can make timely decisions and take appropriate actions to minimise or remediate the effect of stress.

Civil engineering

The impact of ground deformation on buildings, roads, railways, and other civil infrastructure is substantial and its associated costs are rising each year due to climate change, population growth and increased socio-economic activities. We allow our customers to optimise maintenance of their infrastructure, prolonging the life of their structures and avoid losses.

Our solutions helps you to:

  • Reduce in-situ inspections
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Prevent structural damages


At Survey Intelligence we monitor underground reservoirs used for the storage and the generation of energy, such as hydrogen and CO2 storage or geothermal energy. Large-scale storage is key for the energy transition, but associated geohazards are significant. Whatever operations in the subsurface, the possible impact on infrastructure and its consequences on the environment must be critically examined as errors can cause fatal accidents.

Our solutions helps you to:

  • Optimise operations
  • Avoid damage claims
  • Prevent closure of operations


Understanding the causes of ground movement and distinguishing between natural and anthropogenic factors are fundamental in settling insurance claims. Moreover, the availability of historical satellite data makes it possible to look at deformation patterns before and after certain events. With Survey Intelligence’s forecast, risks can be quantified and managed.

Our solution helps you to:

  • Detect ground instabilities
  • Identify triggers responsible for ground movements
  • Assess risk